Queens Park in the spring

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Michael Skywood Clifford’s website

Welcome to Hinckley Gold
Hinckley is a growing town on the A5 between Leicester and Coventry

‘hinckley gold.co.uk’ was a set up in the early Noughties. It was farmed out by Virgin Media to 3rd party media hosting company and was lost. Recently much has been recovered from old files and the site is being rebuilt on WordPress keeping old content and hopefully adding more.

  • A selection of local literature

  • Like the original website, this is a personal web site of MSC in conjunction with it’s sister website bbc10.com. https://bbc10.com/
  • A selection of interviews with musicians from The Hinckley Musician, The Musical Crocodile and other publications

  • Oral Historical info (and photos) about Hinckley from the turn of the 20th Century

  • A cookweb of vegetarian recipes