St Peter’s School Treat, Hinckley, July 17th 1920


Whether you went to church or chapel the ‘treats’ were one of the highlights of the year. We went to the Baptist Chapel. My husband went all his life until being 16 and he went round with these banners at the Sunday School treats and some of the men at work seen him, of course he were loving it with the banner at 16, they pulled his leg – he never went to chapel no more.

Salvation Army collecting

Marie Phipps (b.1918)

Me and my sister went to the Wesleyans because we were near to it and didn’t have to cross no roads. We used to go twice on a Sunday and then we got old enough we had to go to chapel. We had to in our day, there was no getting away – your mother wouldn’t let you put your best things on if you didn’t go to chapel or church.

Treats drummer walking before procession along Regent Street

Kath Paul

It was the Congregational – it’s called the Reform Church in the Borough. I think at that time it was the biggest chapel there was in Hinckley. Then there were different groups as they had in the chapels such as the Good Templars juniors, you’d go one night there for a couple of hours, you know, and the Christian Endeavour…your parents were glad of you going.

Leading the procession

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