Surprises of the day

Over the fence never seen before
A smiling face at me while she clips the hedge
An empty walk with a headful of trouble
A thanks from a dog owner as I allow him access
A joke from the shopkeeper to the man in front
A gentle word, a lovin’ phrase, meduck

A kind discourse, the walk of a cat between my legs
The sun on my problems dries them out
The neighbour helps me with my garden
A young girl says she likes me
A bit of a shock, it’s nice to have your hand being held
Innocence holds such surprising joy

Worthlessness is a disease humans suffer from
But hold your head high and thank the universe
for kindnesses from the unknown
Count your blessings as my dad used to say
Alpha to Omega
Trust and it happens, say the tongues

© Michael Clifford 10/22

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